VDI NUMBERS, ICONS and SPECTROGRAPH Readings,on the White's Spectrum XLT (v1.1) for Obsolete United States Coins, from Half Cents to $20.00 Gold Coins:

Explanation of Abbreviations
Icon Abbr. Icon Abbr. Spectrograph Readings Abbr.
Foil/Ring F/R Penny/Dime P/D Solid Pattern, 2-Bars S2
Nickel/Ring N/R Quarter Qtr Broken Pattern, 4-Bars B4
Pulltab/Ring P/R Half Dollar Hlf
Ring/Pulltab R/P Dollar Dlr
Screwcap/Z.Penny S/Z No Icon N/A

Response of White's Spectrum XLT to Various Obsolete U.S. Coins:

Coin/Denomination Dates Avg. VDI No. Icon Spectro.
Half Cent 1793-1857 77 P/D S1
Large Cent 1793-1857 88 Qtr S1
Flying Eagle Cent 1856-1858 33 P/R S1
Copper-Nickel Cent 1859-1864 39 P/R S1
Bronze Indian Cent 1864-1909 68 P/D S1
Colonial Copper 1700's 83 Qtr S1
Two-Cent Piece 1864-1873 75 P/D S1
Three-Cent Silver 1851-1873 54 S/Z S2
Three-Cent Nickel 1865-1889 15 F/R S1
Shield, Liberty Nickel 1866-1913 22 N/R S1
Silver Half Dime 1794-1873 62 S/Z S1
Bust Dime 1796-1837 77 P/D S1
Twenty-Cent Piece 1875-1878 82 P/D S1
Bust Quarter 1796-1838 84 Qtr S1
Bust Half Dollar 1794-1839 89 Hlf S1
Bust Dollar 1794-1804 92 Dlr S1
Seated/Trade Dollar 1840-1885 92 Dlr S1
Morgan/Peace Dollar 1878-1935 93 Dlr S1
Gold Dollar 1849-1889 19 N\R S2
Gold $2.50 1796-1929 31 P/R S1
Gold $5.00 1795-1929 49 R/P S2
Gold $10.00 1795-1933 72 P/D S1
Gold $20.00 1849-1933 79 P/D S1
Coin/Denomination Dates Avg. VDI No. Icon Spectro.

Note: These VDI readings are "average" readings, taken from two different XLT's at different times in separate locations, using several passes of the searchcoil at a moderate speed. The ground conditions for this test were neutral, and should be considered "ideal", with little or no mineralization. Average depth of target was three inches or less. Many factors will determine what VDI Reading your XLT will display on these coins, including, ground conditions, moisture, depth of target, wear of coin, position of coin, and, of course, its proximity to trash! In short, remember that your detector, even one as terrific as the Spectrum XLT, will only tell you what metal is in the ground, and not its value!

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